Company Incorporation Services

Company Incorporation Services In UAE and MEASA Region

UAE offers a wide range of options for business to establish and grow internationally as it offers limitless business opportunities to companies all over the world. The UAE has an emerging and flourishing economy which offers a diversified, accessible and open market to the local as well as international businesses and investors.

We provide customized solutions to prospective customers in formation of companies in UAE and MEASA Region both Onshore Companies (Mainland and Free Zones) and Offshore Companies .

Investment and Startup Capital Guidance

Our startup experts and Venture capital community advisors are waiting to assist you in making your dream business plan a flying success.

    Our Startup Venture design services include
  • Business analysis
  • Business plan preparation
  • Financial modeling
  • Assistance in building the team, board of directors, management
  • Investor sourcing and outreach program
  • Negotiation with VC/ Private equity firms
  • Setting up business systems & Information systems
  • Strategy roadmap for the new venture
  • Initial preparation for due diligence
  • Refining / redefining the negotiation pitch and investment story
  • Thoroughly prepare the startup for approaching investors
  • Identifying the right investor, Private equity firm, Venture capital firm

We are mediators in arranging investment in different countries for potential investors in the sectors or industries they are interested in.

  • Investment by individuals, companies and Multinational corporates
  • Sovereign funds

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